May Intersession, Summer Session I, Summer Session II, August Intersession and all Jumpstart Sessions.

1. PERIOD OF CONTRACT: This Housing Agreement is a binding legal agreement that details a set of terms and conditions that the Resident must follow. Additionally, the Resident understands that she or he is requesting a space and committing to on-campus housing for the entire summer ses­sion. The Resident accepts responsibility and understands that the Housing Agreement is for the full room rent charges as outlined in this agree­ment.

2. AGREEMENT PERIOD: This agreement is for the full summer session or for the portion of the summer session remaining at the time of assignment. This agreement begins on the day preceding the first day of classes and ends on the last day of exams. If a Resident should, with the per­mission of the University, move in or occupy a residence hall room earlier than the starting date of this agreement or after the closing date of the res­idence halls, the Resident will be charged $25 per day. Residents assigned to a room for a period other than a full term will be assessed prorated charges based upon their length of occupancy.

3. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: The University’s acceptance of this agreement does not guarantee a specific room assignment. Room assignments are pri­marily made based upon the date of application and personal data listed on the agreement. No specific room assignment based solely upon a Resident’s request is guaranteed or implied. The University encourages diversity and does not make housing assignments illegally based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender expression, physical or mental disability, or veteran status. If housing demand exceeds room-assignment capacity, the University reserves the right to use designated temporary room assignments pending assignment/relocation to a permanent living space. If a vacancy occurs in an assigned room, the remaining Resident agrees to accept another roommate as assigned, move into another room if requested, or pay the additional charges for single occupancy. Residents will be consolidated to the lowest available floors if necessary.

4.THE UNIVERSITY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO: cancel the housing agreement or change room assignments in the interest of health/sanction discipline, administrative expediency, or as con­sidered necessary, cancel agreements of students declared academically ineligible causing loss of room assignment, charge and collect damage fees and administrative fines for unauthorized use of equipment; building or room alterations; health and safety vio­lations; special cleaning as necessitated by improper use of rooms, public areas, and equipment; damages; or vandalism, change room rent rates as well as Student Housing policies without prior notice, enter student rooms as necessary for repairs, inspections, and enforcement of University policy, change room assignments for disciplinary reasons, catastrophe, effective utilization of space, irresolvable incompatibility of roommates, or the best interests of the University.

5. Responsibility for Personal Property                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The resident assumes all responsibility for personal property and is strongly encouraged to provide his or her own personal property loss insurance / renters insurance.  The University does not assume any legal obligation for any resident’s personal property that may be lost or damaged in its buildings or on its grounds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              “Abandonment,” as used in the contract, means that (1) the resident appears to have moved out in the University’s reasonable judgment because of substantial removal of clothes, furniture or personal belongings from the housing unit, and/or (2) the date by which the Contract obligates the Resident to leave such room has passed.  If there has been an abandonment of the unit, the University will remove and/or store all property remaining in the room or common area at the Resident’s expense. The University reserves the right throw away items if it is perishable (food, medicine, or plants) or worthless in the University’s reasonable judgment. All other property removed and stored by the University shall, after 30 days, become the property of the University to be either used or disposed of in accordance with policies and procedures. The University will charge the resident a fee for storage of item, equal to the amount of storage fees incurred by the University.                                                                                                           6. Renter’s Insurance; Release and Indemnity Provisions: Resident shall be solely responsible for insuring any of his or her personal property located or stored upon the Premises.  The University is not responsible for damage, destruction, or loss resulting from theft, fire, smoke, weather, water damage, or any other hazard or casualty.  The Resident by the execution hereof releases the University, its agents, employees or representatives from any and all liability or injury to the Resident, guests or anyone on said Premises. This release shall be applicable to the entire complex, including parking areas, walkways, swimming pool, exercise room, office space, or any other common areas, but not limited to the same.

Regardless of whether Resident secures such insurance, the University shall assume no responsibility, and Resident or other party to this Agreement shall, to the maximum extent of the law, release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge the University and its agents and employees, for any and all liability, claims, demands, action and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, theft, property damage or personal injury, including death, whether such losses occur in Resident’s Room, the Apartment, or elsewhere in or around the Premises.

7. Responsibility for Room The resident is responsible for the condition of the assigned space and shall reimburse the University for all damages to the space, whether the damage was a result of committing an act or failure to act to prevent the damage. The resident is also responsible for loss of fixtures, furnishings, or properties furnished under the contract. No alterations are to be made to the furniture provided by the University. Every piece of furniture in the assigned room at the time the resident moves in must stay in the room for the duration of residency. The resident may not move, trade, or store furnishings from the space. There is an automatic $50 charge for violating this policy. Additional furniture brought into the room must be freestanding and clear of all existing furniture, fixtures, or walls contained in the room. Residents are required to complete a Room Condition Report within 24 hours of occupancy. Prior to termination of occupancy, residents must complete the checkout process. This will be administered by a Department of Student Housing staff member who will inspect the area and assess for damages and missing property. Those vacating housing without following this procedure, will be charged $25 for improper check out plus the cost of repairs or replacement resulting from damages or missing items. If necessary, cleaning charges may be assessed.                                           

8. Responsibility for Communal Property (Including, but not limited to hallways, baths, stairwells, elevators, lounges, studies, utility rooms and kitchens.) Residents are expected to take every precaution to ensure that communal property is not abused. In buildings or sections where the University has determined that there is undue abuse of University property and the responsible individual(s) cannot be identified, all residents will be held responsible for paying a prorated share of the cost of repairing such damages. Where organizations have exclusive use of an area, those organizations are responsible for reimbursing the University the cost of repairs from damage to communal property if the responsible individual(s) cannot be identified. Where it is determined that organizations are not in support of housing regulations, they will lose use of the area. The University reserves the right to determine the use of all lounges and common and public areas in the residence buildings.                                                                                                                                                 

9. RULES, POLICIES, AND REGULATIONS: The Resident agrees to become aware of and observe all published rules affecting his/her status with the University. These rules can be found in these University publications: M Book—Handbook of Standards and Activities, University Policy Website and the Student Housing Handbook. The Resident may not sublease or rent a room space or permit another person to share a private room. The Resident shall observe all University and residence hall regu­lations. Failure to do so may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the residence halls with forfeiture of all housing fees. Disciplinary action may also be taken by the University in accordance with established rules and regulations.

Note: The University of Mississippi campus is smoke-free.


NO CANCELLATION of this agreement: for the May Intersession will be accepted after May 8, 2015, for the Summer session I will be accepted after May 22, 2015, for Summer Session II will be accepted after June 26, 2015, and for August Intersession will be accepted after July 31, 2015. Enrolled students will be responsible for the full cost of room rent for the agreement period. Students withdrawing from the University after the first class day will be held liable for the prorated cost of room rent based upon the date they move out of campus hous­ing. This amount may be billed to the student independent of any University prorated refund. There will be no refund made in the case of a student’s being suspended from the University or removed from the residence halls for disciplinary reasons.

11. TERMINATION BY UNIVERSITY: This agreement may be terminated for disciplinary reasons by the University and/or the Department of Student Housing, including dismissal from the University. In the case of termination of this agreement by the University and/or the Department of Student Housing, the student will be financially responsible for the entire rental cost of the agreement period.

12. SPECIAL SUMMER CONDITIONS: Requests for single (private) rooms will be honored ONLY if space is available on a per-session basis. If space is limited, single rooms will be granted in the order that the Summer Housing Application and Agreements were received, beginning with the earli­est application date. Visitation hours during the summer will be strictly enforced. Residents found violating the visitation policy may be immediately removed from the residence halls.

This contract is an agreement between the University and the individual resident. It is for the period time specified in paragraph one of Terms and Conditions – Student Housing Policies, and entitles the resident to use the accommodations only in such a manner as set forth herein and in the Student Housing Handbook. This contract may be terminated only under the conditions specified herein.


By signing this agreement I am stating that I have read and agreed to the terms of this contract. Residents and their parents or guardians are urged to read carefully the terms and conditions of this agreement. If a resident is under 19, a parent or legal guardian must sign this contract along with the resident. We ask that your parent or legal guardian sign so they understand that you, the Resident, are entering a legally binding contract; however, this contract is binding even if not signed by your parent or legal guardian.


The University agrees to provide accommodations under the conditions of this agreement and as described in the Student Housing Handbook.


This contract is not governed by the Mississippi Residential Landlord and Tenant Act § 89-8-1 et seq.